Use Case

You can use this theme to have better control of your development environment. Specially when you are doing a lot of git development.

This theme provides control over your git repos, by specifying whenver you are in a git repo. It searches for a .git folder in your workind directory and changes the shell view accordingly.

Moreover, it shows you in which branch of your git repo you are presently in. Also, it indicates if you have untracked files, tracked but modified files, tracked and staged files waiting to be commited via different color dots like a traffic signal. It also shows the number of additions in terms of files and edits.

It has a very vibrant look which used many Powerline-status symbols and glyphs. To activate them follow the Installation documentation.

If powerline is not installed, the theme may not render properly in your system.

How to Use

The theme is very vibrant and easy to understand.

  1. The first line shows you the user@host info along with the current working directory you are in .
  2. The second line shows the time the command was invoked along with whether you are in a git repo or not. It also shows you the present branch of the git repo you are in. It also shows the status of your branch, likely untracked files, unstaged files, staged files, removed files, etc.
  3. The 3rd and last line gives you the space to type you command along with a right prompt if you are in a git repo with the branch and edit informations.